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Do my best to make efforts on
the development of mathematics.

Fang-Ting Tu
Fang-Ting Tu
橋本研究室・助教 (2012年)

My research interest is in number theory, especially the arithmetic properties of modular forms on modular curves, automorphic forms on Shimura curves, and quaternion orders. Number theory is one of the largest and oldest fields of mathematics. Primarily, it concerns with the study of whole numbers. For example, the properties of prime numbers, and the integral solutions of equations are two of main subjects. The theory of numbers has broadened to find applications in many areas, including Coding theory and Cryptography. During the last century, modular forms and modular curves played important roles in the developments of number theory. Similar to the modular curves, the arithmetic properties of Shimura curves are particularly important in modern number theory. The arithmetic of quaternion orders is a subject containing deep and interesting properties behind modular curves and Shimura curves.

During my research period, I will do my best to contribute developments of the vast field of math, even if my contributions may be tiny. Being a mathematician, I hope that I can help persons to know the fascinating world of math so that our real world has further improvement. Many a little makes a mickle.